Cake Balls by Natalie

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Have you ordered cake balls or tried them at a party? How did you like them? Would you change anything? Let me know!

Quotes I have bought several batches of natalie's cake balls and there is no way to simplify how amazing they are. My entire family of +50 has made it a requirement that if there is a family function where food is present that I'm REQUIRED to bring cake balls... or not come at all ok that last part was a fib, but they and I adore the cake balls. I've ordered the spice cake, vanilla, and vanilla with confetti and i will be making several more orders in months to come. There is nothing that I'd rather spend my money on if I'm going to bring a "side dish" it's gotta be natalie's cake balls Quotes
Proud cake ball consumer

Quotes Like a bite sized piece of heaven Quotes

Quotes I tried the chocolate with Andes mint and the cherry cake balls. They were delicious and beautifully decorated!! Have already recommended them to several friends! Great for an occasion! Thanks Natalie! Quotes

Quotes We had the Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Balls and they were delicious! The whole family enjoyed them. Quotes

Quotes Nat has outdone herself with these UBERGOOD cake balls. They are great for anything!!! Absolutely fantastic! ***** five stars Quotes
addict of Natalie's cake balls

Quotes Terrific job on the Cake Balls Natalie!!! Our family went crazy over them after Thanksgiving dinner... 50 people trying to fight for seconds!!! Next time we will order enough for everyone to have two! Unique and delicious treats!!! Andria now has a new job.. Bring Natalie's cake balls to every family event! Quotes
Clarice Cromwell
Thanksgiving treats

Quotes I tried these at my cousins baby shower (the strawberry flavor), they are absolutely delicious! Quotes

Quotes Natalie's cake balls are the perfect treat for any occasion!! Birthday parties, baby showers, ceremonies, wedding receptions or just to snack on at home!! A truly delicious treat!! Quotes
Highly Satisfied!!!!